Monday, July 2, 2012

Benjamin PDA

Today the boys are 5 days old, it seems so surreal that Jeremy and I are finaly parents and especialy to two amazing little boys. This morning we found out that Benjamin has a heart murmer. On futhure investigation the NICU doctor was able to determine that he has a PDA (patent Ductus Arteriousus) it is a duct that is supposed to close at birth between the Aorta and the Pulmonary Vein. This is not closed and it open. It is causing their to be too much blood in the lungs, the heart is working to hard, and everything else is not getting the needed oxygen and blood. Today benjamin received his first dose of the medication they are giving him to try to close this Duct. He will receive 3 doses each 12 hours apart. He also received a blood transfusion this afternoon. Tomorrow morning he will have another ECHO done and a Chest xray. If the area seems bigger or he starts to present as being in more distress they will send him to Little Rock to Childrens for open chest surgery. The medication is the first step though. He can receive up to two sets of this medication however it is very hard on the Kidneys so they are having to watch his urine output very closely. If this drops he will also have to be sent to Childrens.

As of right now, he has received the first dose and the transfusion. You can tell he doesnt feel good and that break mine and his daddys hearts. He will receive his 2nd dose at 0115. I will know more by tomorrow afternoon and will update then. They have stopped his feedings for the time being so we continue to pray that his PICC line holds out bc this is how he is receiving all of his nutrition through TPN. His lungs are doing well but working a little hard due to the PDA.

Kreiger, well he is just hanging out doing well. He is tolerating his feedings well and his lungs are super strong. The NICU doctors have def been impressed.